Sales broker

You’ve found your dream home. All eyes are set on the new house, but also the old house has to be sold. Selling a house is not something you do just like that. There is a lot involved and it is a big step. That’s why it’s useful to have one of our expert estate agents assist you.

Your sales agent in Nuenen

A sales agent in Nuenen mediates and supports the sale of your house. Many people wonder if it is necessary to hire a sales agent, as this is not an obligation when selling your property. We at Van den Buijs Garantiemakelaars and 90% of your co-sellers think so. You don’t sell a property on a daily base for such a large amount of money. A sales agent in Nuenen represents your interests as a seller and ensures that your house is sold at the best price. A sales agent in Nuenen will also be happy to advise you on everything that has to do with selling your home. Besides the advice of the sales agent, there are plenty of sales tips that you can use yourself.

Costs of a sales agent in Nuenen

When you hire a sales agent, you pay a commission. These costs are not for nothing and in most cases a sales agent in Nuenen even saves you money. The sales agent has knowledge of the market, is legally very well informed and can negotiate professionally.

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